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Rod Restoration And Repair Page

Restoration & Repair 
Welcome To The Old Yankee Restoration And Repair Page,One Of My Most Ardent Pursuits During The Last 40 Years Tinkering With Fishing Poles Has Been To Become  A Top Notch Rod Smithing Mentor, Lets Face It "Basic Rod Building "Is Not All That Difficult, Over A 20 + Year Time Period Each Winter I Held Rod Building Classes,In The Process Managed To Successfully School A Great Number Of Folks On How To Build There Own Fishing Rods.

In My Time Spent Helping Others Enjoy There Pursuits In Rod Building In Just About Every Class Someone Wanted To Either Repair Or Restore Granddads Or Dads Fishing Rod,So Naturally I Added A Segment In My Curriculum For Just That Purpose,Understandably We Have A Connection To Our Own Or Our Earlier Generations Fishing Gear,Or In Many Cases The Gear We Had When We Were Just Starting Out That Link Us With All The Joyful Memories Of  Happy Days On The Water.

 In Recent Years Some Of That Connection May Have Been Lost With The Popularity Of New Age Mass Produced Equipment, More And More Fisherman May Actually Shop For Gear Based On The Ability To Return A Well Used Or Broken Item For A New Replacement Rather Than An Actual Feel For Or Kinship With The Equipment ?,

When I First Started Tinkering With Fishing Rods I Was Still Wearing Short Pants I Was Just A Child,I Didn't Just Wake Up One Day And Decide I Was Going To Be A Rod Tinker It Was Hatched Out Of  Necessity,My Dad Let Me Have An Old Bamboo Rod That Had Seen Better Days,If I Was Going To Be Able To Fish With It I Needed To Repair It Was Just That Simple. 

As Time Progressed I Got Rather Well Versed At Rod Repairs As  All My First Rods Until I Was 14 Years Old Were Someones Cast Off's  It Was Then That I Moved Forward To Building Rods From Scratch, First From Rod Building Kits, Then From Components Gathered From Mail Order Catalogs, By The Time I Was 16 Partly Out Of Thrift  Admittedly The Roots Of My Passion For Rod Tinkering Had Been Realized.

I Take Pride In My Restoration And Repair Work My Attention To Detail Is Paramount,About 65% Of The Work I Do Is In This Area Of My Expertise. Below You Will See Some Examples Of My Restoration And Repair Work,I Also Do Remakes Of Rods, Very Few Rod Smiths Offer This Service !

A Remake I Can Take For Example Your Old Fiberglass Fly Rod,Strip It Down To The Raw Blank And Refinish The Blank, Refinish/ Rebuild The Entire Rod Including Adding Glass Ferrules And Transform Your Favorite Old Fishing Rod Into An Amazing Remade Top Notch Fishing Tool In Most Cases Better Than It Ever Was.

Old Yankee Rod Smitting  Offers A Full Range Of Top Notch State Of The Art Rod Restoration  And Repair Work,Don't Hesitate To Contact Us First For A Free Consultation Before You Decide Or Someone Tells You Your Well Used Or Tired Even Broken Fly Rod Isn't Worth Fixing.

Services Include But Are Not Limited To The Following,Complete Bamboo Rod Restoration,Guide Replacement,Varnish Stripping & Polishing,Straightening,Varnish By Dip Method,Hand Finishes,Tip Repair,Ferrule Refitting Or Replacement,Reel Seat Replacement,Grip Replacement Or Repair.

Complete Fiberglass Rod Restoration And Repair,Broken Shafts Repaired,Loose Or Worn Ferrules Refit,Guide Replacement,Blank Refinishing,Reel Seat And Grip Repair Or Replacement, Most Anything Fiberglass Including Just About Everything And Anything From Basic Tune Up To Complete Restoration Or Remake. Don't Hesitate To Contact Me No Matter How Big Or How Small Your Needs Are.

Complete Graphite Rod Repair And Occasionally Restoration,Seems Funny To Think About Graphite Restoration But Some Of Those Early IM6 Rods Just Can't Be Replaced,We Must Be Getting On In Years Because Some Graphite Rods Are Considered Collectible Or Family Heirlooms, We Repair The Graphite Rods  Others May Say Can't Be,Before You Give Up On That Older Favorite Well Used Graphite Rod Contact Old Yankee Rod Smithing.

Tight Lines And Renewed Loops

To better view the pictures below right click and then left click on view image.


                                               Old Yankee Rod Smiths Custom Made Rods
                                                    CONCILIO ET LABORE  
" by virtue and labor"
Here You Will See Pictures Of Old Yankee Rod Smiths Custom Made Rods ,I Am At Heart A Custom Rod Maker At The Bench

Producing Fiberglass, Bamboo & Graphite Rods Since 1972. Over The Last 40 Years My Personal Interest Has Been Primarily In Fiberglass Fly Rods,I'm A Firm Believer That A Fly Rod Is Really Just A Tool That In Some Cases Become An Extension Of One's Self, I Will Not Enter Into What Materials Are Better, Each Including The Old Steel Fly Rods,Hardwood Rods Etc Etc
All Have A Place, The Fish Sure Don't Care What Material Your Fly Rod Is Made From. For Me Maybe Because When I Was 6 Years Old My Dad Handed Me A Fiberglass Fly Who Knows ?But My Preference Is In Most Fishing Situations I Encounter Is A Fiberglass Fly Rod,However With My Personal Fishing Preference Aside I Have A Deep Affection/Passion For Bamboo Fly Rods.There Is Just So Much To Admire About Them.

I Like To Think My Bamboo Passion & Work Spills Over To My Fiberglass And Graphite Creations ,To View My Rods For Sale Listing Please Look In The Column Left It Includes Custom Made Rods Also Used Rods And Reels,Fishing Collectibles, Occasionally Some Over Stocked Rod Building Components,If You Are Interested In Having A Custom Rod Made,A Rod Restored Or Repaired,One Of The Items I Have Listed Please Contact Me At
[email protected]
Boron Line Trials 001.jpgJays Sceptre Project 007.jpgJays Sceptre Project 037.jpgJays Sceptre Project 031.jpgJasons St Croix Rebuild 011_2.jpgJasons St Croix Rebuild 002_1.jpgJasons St Croix Rebuild 001_1.jpg
i preciously horde my fly rods,whether there is any value to them or not.the thought of having repairs done was not an option for me.i was too scared to let anybody touch them.
this changed when my wife bought me a custom built fly rod by master rodsmith Andy Manchester.a beautiful and long casting rod,everyone who has seen it,and those who have cast it,are truly envious.
i love the rod so much,that some rods that were important to me before seemed less so.that ,and,if this guy could do a build so well,imagine his repair work?
i brought the two main rods that were in need of repair to the salmon river in Connecticut.even though it was out of his way,Andy met me and we discussed the work.
one of the rods was completely is now lighter and casts better.oh,you might want to know,it is drop dead beautiful.
the other rod is a phillipson that had some motorcycle travel battle scars that Andrew was able to leave intact at my request,yet otherwise repair the rod perfectly.
if you want a rod that is excellent in every aspect,buy one of his custom builds.if you have a rod that is cherished ( like i cherish the rod he COMPLETELY rebuilt and refinished) ,and need repairs, Andrew Manchester is the rodsmith to go to!
shakey lyman,philadelphia